Neon Colors by Ámaris

Neon Colours, 2017

Pop, electronic

Press on “Neon Colors”:

“She managed to show versatility in each track with the simple yet catchy head-bopping beats that get you grooving as you listen.”


“Amaris’ latest album, Neon Colors, highlights a stunning and ground-breaking compilation that is a sure-fire must-listen for EDM and R&B followers everywhere.”


“Neon Colors is outstanding! The electro-pop melodies emanate a seductive primitive energy, while Amaris’ marvelous voice imbues the music with commanding superiority.”


“I really liked this album. (…) I was pleasantly surprised.”


“Amaris’ vocals are strong and powerful, serving as a foretaste of what to expect from the rest of ‘Neon Colors’. (…) This strength, with lead voice placed ever so gently over the backing vocals, continues throughout the remainder of the 11 track album.”